Few things I forgot to mention

– all the restaurants and cafes in Nyhavn had blankets at each seat for people sitting outside. Seriously such a good idea. 

– I will probably get really good at dividing by 6 by the end of this – it’s 6 kroner to the dollar. 

– My Danish teacher looks like Justin Vernon from Bon Iver. His name is Jørgen. (pronounced “yoarn”)

– Everyone in Copenhagen is really fashionable 

– My first culture shock was hearing kids playing in the alley behind my apartment and I wasn’t able to understand what they were saying

– Even though I’m a pretty quiet person, I’m still lumped with the “loud Americans”. The Danes are a pretty reserved group of people, on average. Even me asking the people around me where they were from on my first day of Danish classes got me strange looks. 


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