FINALLY settled in!

Well these past few days have certainly been an adventure. Let me just start from the beginning. 


August 5th:

So my flight out of Dulles was delayed an hour or so because of a radio issue but I had a 3 hour layover at my next top in Munich so I wasn’t really that worried. Landed in Munich at about 9am-ish local time. First thing I noticed was that the entire airport smelled like cigarette smoke. There were smoke lounges EVERYWHERE. Kinda weird. But my next task was to find out how to print my boarding pass for my next flight to Copenhagen. The Munich airport is HUGE so I had to walk really far, go outside of security, go through customs, and then re-check in. Had to go through the security line like 5 times because I’m pretty sure they were convinced that my DSLR camera was a bomb. They had me take it apart, show them the settings, take test pictures, the works. But I finally got to my gate and was able to relax a bit before my short flight into Copenhagen. All of the tourist shops in the airport were so over the top with souvenirs from Bavaria. Like beer and pretzels and lederhosen everywhere. 




Took a small plane to Copenhagen and landed at around 12:30 local time. Jonas, my mentor, picked me up there. Didn’t really hit me that this is going to be the place where I was going to live for the next 5 months. Took the metro straight from the airport to my stop (Fasanvej) and lugged my somewhat broken suitcases like 15 minutes up the street. And then realized I was given the wrong keys. So that was cool. Jonas offered for me to stay at his place while he figured out how to get my keys. So we went back to his apartment (another 15 minute trek with the suitcases and bags back down to the metro, another metro ride to the outskirts to the city and another walk). I was finally able to take a shower and a nap and call some people. We made some dinner and watched TV and passed our around 11. It stays light here until 10pm! So crazy! 


August 6th:

So Jonas had work at 6am so that means I had to be up and ready at that time too. I took a bus to the metro station and then took the metro to where more orientation was to at least get myself situated before my first class at 9am. I walked around a bit to kill some time and found a pastry shop that was open and got a croissant and a water for breakfast. Wow, Copenhagen is expensive. For those two things it was 36 kroner or $6. Walked around a little more and decided to sit and read before I had to start going to my class. Another girl saw me with my welcome packet and said she was in the language program too so we walked together to find the class and I found out that she’s going to be in my medical anthropology class when the actual semester starts! Finally found the building for the Humanities Department and the University of Kopenhagen, KUA (Kobenhavns Universitet Amager) and we had our first day of Danish class. Met people from over 10 different countries – just in my first day. So surreal. Then we had lunch (a little sketchy – I had absolute NO idea what anything was in the cafeteria) and then we finished the day with our international office meeting. Finally trekked back to my apartment around 3 and met with someone who had my correct keys, took a nap, moved my stuff in when Jonas dropped it off at 8, took another nap, ate some dinner and called it a day. 


August 7th:

Danish class started at 9am today. I swear the pronunciation of Danish is just made up as people go along. Some examples:

– Hvor kommer du fra? (Where are you from?) – pronounced “vo commah du fra”

– Jeg kan selvfølgelig taller engelsk (I can of course speak English) – pronounced “yeh ken selfuuly tallah engelsk”

– Fasanvej (The name of my street) – pronounced “fah-sane-vy”

My favorite word in Danish is probably the word for 14 – fjorten. But after class, my friend Freya (she’s from Melbourne) and I decided to go to the city center and walk around and look at the shops and stuff. Once I got off the metro it finally felt like I was in a foreign country. It was so cool. Got my first official Copenhagen hot dog and walked around Strøget – the pedestrian only shopping area of the city. The Danes really like their Ben and Jerry’s….there were like 3 of them in that one area. And then there was this “American” candy store with “American” food and it was all realllly random. Like canned pumpkin pie mix, Goldfish, popcorn, bin candy, vanilla Coke, Peter Pan brand peanut butter, Nesquick strawberry syrup and a 69 kroner box of Reese’s Puff cereal. So wild. It started to rain again so Freya and I decided to part ways and go back to our own apartments. Overall a really awesome day!

Here are some pictures from Nyhavn (the colored shops), the city center and Strøget.







Here are some pictures from my dorm! Sorry for the mess, I’m still trying to figure out where to put all of my stuff…the Danes aren’t big on storage areas.


ImageImage Image  


Well this post was excessively long so I’ll end it here!


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