Becoming a Local

Well, my computer finally stopped being a rebellious teenager so now I can update everyone on the past 2 weeks or so. It really has not felt like that long though. I’m finally becoming comfortable with this city and I can honestly say I can get around like a local.

August 15th

After Danish class, Freya and I decided to go to the international office to pick up tickets for the matriculation ceremony for Københavns Universitetet (where I’ll be taking my classes). After leaving a store close to the metro stop, I realized that my American smart phone was stolen out of my pocket. My grandparents warned me that they were pickpocketed in Copenhagen before so I made sure to be careful but obviously I wasn’t being careful enough. Definitely learned my lesson. And I hope whoever stole it is happy with a phone that only works in the states, doesn’t have a SIM card slot, and has about 3 alarms that go off at 5:45am. Sucks. After that, I went to the beach with my Danish class (I swear I’ve been to the beach more in Denmark than back at home…in Santa Barbara…where I live on the beach.) We bought portable beach grills and BBQed on the beach.



August 16th

Kevin, Lauren and I met up with one of our Danish friends, Magnus, at a bar to watch a friendly “football” match between Denmark and Slovakia along with his friends from Switzerland and Slovakia. Slovakia won the match but it was still really fun to experience how Europeans watch their football.


-So this exists. It’s a Slovakian liquor that was made by the grandfather of Magnus’ Slovakian friend. Gypsies collect these berries and then his grandfather distills it. No joke.

August 18th

After Danish class, we had our next culture activity – a Copenhagen canal tour. We were able to see all of the famous landmarks of Copenhagen but we were sitting in the back of the boat so I wasn’t really able to hear much. And, of course, I forgot my camera so I’m stealing some of Kevin’s pictures.


– the completely underwhelming Little Mermaid statue

Later Friday night, we decided to go to the Battle of Copenhagen. Also completely underwhelming. The website promised a huge spectacular with drag queens and fire and 100 double basses but really it was just a couple of ships sailing around the harbor area with some faint bass music coming from who knows where. We ended the night just walking around Nyhavn.


August 19th

Kevin and I decided to check out the Copenhagen pride festival Saturday afternoon. I’ve never been to a pride festival back in America but I could imagine that they are very different. For one, there is barely a police presence. Like the only cops I saw were blocking off a portion of the street for the trucks/floats to pass by. All of the local businesses had rainbow flags/balloons out front (even McDonald’s) and the Prime Minister even participated. Can you even imagine what kind of media fire storm would happen if Obama got anywhere near a pride parade? It was great how much the community of Copenhagen supports everyone – regardless of orientation. American should take note.


After Pride, we went to the beach – yet again – and hung out with some of the Danes we met the weekend before.


– they threw Lauren in…

August 20th

Decided to go to Malmö for the Malmö Music Festival! Can’t believe how easy it was to get to another country. Met up with Greg and Kevin at the Central Station and bought a roundtrip ticket for less than $30 American. And the train ride was only a half an hour. Malmö was pretty much just a quieter, Swedish version of Copenhagen. Same architecture and same kinds of shops. Except everyone was a lot blonder. We listened to some great jazz and blues and some other questionable Swedish artists. We even heard a version of the musical of Evita – completely in Swedish.





August 21st – August 24th

Nothing really report from this past week. We had our written part of our final for the Danish Language course on Friday and so the week was spent hitting up various cafes and (attempting) to study a very difficult language. One of my favorite places that I studied this week has been a book cafe called Paludan. Soooo hipster. And their food is absolutely delicious. Definitely not cheap though. I’m pretty sure the best tuna sandwhich in the world is made at Paludan.

August 25th

Last weekend on the boat tour, Kevin, Greg, and I made tentative plans to head up north and go to Hamlet’s castle for some sightseeing this weekend. Remembered those plans and planned the trip sorta last minute but hey, it wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t, right? Met at the central train station and bought tickets (it was more expensive than going to Sweden…) and took 2 trains to get there. The town, Helsingør, was a really cute town along the coast of northern Zealand. Made the mistake of not eating a lot before we left so we stopped at a shawarma place (of course) and got these fantastic chicken pizza sandwhich…things. They were amazing. Definitely worth 45 kr.


Pictures of Kronborg Slot! (shout out to my senior year English Literature teacher, Mrs. Novak. She would be so proud)


– only in Denmark

August 26th

During one of the times studying at Paludan, Kevin and I decided to come back to try the brunch. Wow. Just wow. I’m stealing Kevin’s picture of his brunch – I got the vegetarian one which was a little different.


– SO worth the 99 kr splurge.

Sorry for the excessively long post (again)! I promise to keep this update more. These past few weeks were crazy busy, hopefully things settle down once I get a full class schedule.

My friend Kevin from UCSB (who is in 99% of these posts) is also doing a blog. Go check it out! I’m sure he’s included things that I forgot.


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