First week of class, Rangleklods and more

So much for being on top of updating this…it’s been yet another week and half between posts. Oops.

That’s mostly because the past couple weeks have been pretty uneventful! Real classes started last week, and now I have no free time at all. But before I get into complaining about that, I’ll update about last weekend.

August 30th

After Wednesday’s musical extravaganza, I had high hopes for Thursday. Nope. All of my friends ditched me for cool jet setting adventures in Amsterdam/Belgium, Sweden, other parts of Denmark, etc. Just kidding. But not really. I actually realized it was the first day since I arrived in Copenhagen that I had absolutely ZERO plans. So, naturally, I didn’t put real pants on until 6pm when I realized I should probably show my face to the real world and buy something to eat. But being in Copenhagen, I actually had to put on real clothes to go to the grocery store that is 5 feet from my front door. None of this sweatshirt and leggings nonsense that I would do back in California. Since when do I have plan outfits for every second of my life?! Just part of being Danish I guess. I organized my flat (for the umpteenth time), did laundry, swept, did dishes, “organized” school stuff, etc. Felt nice. I always thought I preferred being alone because I did back at home. I would cancel plans all the time at school because I never wanted to leave my house. I just thought I was an independent person who didn’t really need that much social interaction to be happy. Nope. I can already tell my personality has changed here. I’m used to hanging out with people pretty much all day. I count on it now. Being by myself in my flat to sleep and cook is lonely enough, no need to prolong it by being a shut in.

August 31st

Because Thursday was an absolute waste of a day, I was determined to make Friday really awesome. And it was. In the early afternoon, The university had its official matriculation ceremony where we were officially welcomed to the university. We got to meet the deans of all the faculties and as we left the ceremonial hall, all of the students shook the hand of the rector. After the symbolic handshake, I was considered an official student of the University of Copenhagen. Pretty cool. Here are some pictures of the Ceremonial Hall! So awesome.


After the ceremony, there was a reception in the old courtyard and there was FREE FOOD. Yes, I just wrote that in all caps. It’s not very often that I’m able to eat for even less than 50 kr here. Free coffee, free cupcakes, free røde pølser. And free 4GB flash drives. It was glorious.

That night, I went to the official semester kickoff party at Studenterhuset. I don’t think I talked to a single American student the entire day. It was actually kinda cool. Although, I hung out with a lot of Germans and Austrians. And they would spontaneously break into conversation in German…felt a little awk just sitting there.

September 3rd

First day of class! I had my ethology class (9-12) and my entrepreneurship & innovation class (1-5). First of all, class in Denmark is so. long. I will never complain about a TR hour 15 class ever again. At least we get 10 minute coffee breaks every 50 minutes or so. But I think I took a few mini naps throughout each class. My ethology (animal behavior) class is mostly Danish students so they all speak in Danish to each other. It’s a little alienating, but I understand that they’re more comfortable speaking to each other in Danish rather than English. I was put into a group to prepare a research topic and they all spoke in Danish too…really awkward just sitting there waiting for them to realize I had no idea what they were saying and for them to translate what the last 5 minutes were about. Oh well. My entrepreneurship class was pretty interesting, there are a bunch of international students, and we all have very diverse backgrounds.

September 4th

Wednesday I had class from 8:30 to 5:30…one class…for 9 hours…just one. My entrepreneurship class. Honestly thought I was going to go crazy. At least this class only goes for one block. Don’t know how I would handle it for 4 months. We formed our groups that we’ll be working with on making a business plan for a company that has some sort of science emphasis (a hospital, green tech, developing countries, etc.). After our grueling 9 hour day, the organization that sponsors the class took us all out to dinner (3 courses, including wine). So so so so good. Never going to be able to eat like that while I’m here – it was 240 kr PER PERSON.

September 5th

Only one class on Thursdays! Had my first Danish culture class. Honestly the only thing I can say about it is that it’s going to be so much fun. You basically just sit there for 2 hours (a short class by Danish standards) and listen to a guy talk about the Vikings and the history of Denmark.

September 6th

Finally go to see Rangleklods! (failed a few weeks ago….). It was at a huge party at the Black Diamond – the Royal Library. Honestly, the party was sort of a let down but Rangleklods was awesome.


Then Lauren sang in the metro…

September 8th

Kevin and I went around collecting cans on Saturday afternoon…no shame. We made 40 kr (like 6.50) for about 2 hours of walking around. We made a mess in Irma though…oops. We were able to justify our shawarma binges easily that night. And even though we walked around aimlessly and spent entirely too much money, it ended up being one of the funniest nights…Lauren, you know why.

September 9th

Sunday, Kevin and I decided to be tourists again (I’m definitely out of the “honeymoon” stage of culture shock. I just feel like I live here now) so we decided to go on the Carlsberg brewery tour. Except it wasn’t really a tour. You paid 70 kr. to walk around, look at stuff and get 2 free beers. Can’t complain about the free beers though. They were positively delightful.


Few notes:

  • My classes are actually going to be pretty hard. My entrepreneurship is going to be really tough. We have to come up with a business plan to help a real company that has an area they need help in. They’re all pretty science based so at least it’s interesting.
  • Booked my October and November vacations! October = Istanbul and Athens and November = Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon. Sooooo excited.
  • I love Denmark.

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