Food. So much food.

Honestly, the only thing that sticks out from this week has been the food…typical. I’ll probably track my time here by the pictures of my plates.

September 21st

Woke up sick (again…this is totally karma.) so I missed my ethology lecture. I finally got up and decided to go into the city center with Kevin to look for thrift stores to find stuff for the geek-themed Tietgen semester start party (more about that later). I’ve missed thrift shopping. Copenhagen has made me into more of a hipster than I ever was back at home. Oops…We found some really cool ones (Wasteland Retro and Episode). On the way to one of them, we came across a huge food festival at Gameltorv (again, more about that later). There were booths from a few different countries with awesome smelling food and other snacks. Definitely made a note to go back later in the week.

That night we went faculty party hopping…as in the faculties at the KUA campus had themed the classrooms/cafes. WHAT. So weird. Try to imagine the courtyard around Girvetz and South Hall at SB being turned into a bar/club area. Sponsored by the administration.

– This happened.

September 22nd

Went to yet another buffet on Saturday afternoon for lunch with a few friends. Mental note that the Greek buffet near Paludan is not nearly as good as the one past Paludan close to the passage to Strøget.

That night was the geek party at Tietgen. Not much to say about it…very few people dressed up though, unfortunately.


– Pretending to be typical Isla Vista residents. Olé?

– #3bf (as always)

I’m pretty sure I saw everyone that I’ve met here in Copenhagen so far that night. It was crazy. It also made me realize that Tietgen is pretty much the perfect living situation. It’s just so…awesome. Proof.

September 24th

And so begins the non-stop rain. Monday was kinda awful, full day of class and rain. But I went over to Kevin and Lauren’s after dinner to watch TV and movies. We were all just in a hygge mood and totally over the weather.

September 25th

My most spontaneous day in recent memory. Woke up feeling sick, yet again, but I had already planned to go to Gameltorv again to check out the food festival that Kevin and I saw on Friday. Oh. My. God.


– Oh so British


– The Finns are weird…


– Nej nej nej nej nej, tak.


– Fudge for days


– “This is Kevin looking happy with churros”

I ended up staying there well past the time I should have left to get to my seminar…and I made the decision not to go. (Sorry!). Honestly, it would have been horribly disruptive of me to walk in late (at least that’s what I keep telling myself.) So, naturally, Kevin and I went to IKEA. Because why not. (but first we wandered around Nyhavn trying to figure out what to do with all of our free time. So much room for activities!)

The Copenhagen IKEA is smaller than the one in Burbank, but it seriously had all of the same things. And they had a display of pretty much exactly what my room looked like back in Isla Vista (god, I was just so ahead of the trend. JK. but not really.) I think I annoyed Kevin after a while by saying “Oh look, I have that at home too!” Sorry for loving IKEA too much.

One thing we were thrilled to see was that they had a food court. Different food choices of course (no mac and cheese with tater tots…damn.) BUT, they did have the meatball meal.


– Quick, look Swedish.


– A rare picture of the elusive Danish soda fountain. I was so pleased to see they had the lingonberry drink. They don’t have the Swedish food market though. We sat there for far too long to take advantage of the unlimited refills.

Finally picked up some stuff for my apartment that I was desperately needing (like a new pan, dish towels, etc.)


-Yes I just took a picture of all of this. And it was all under 100 kr. Don’t know why I didn’t go there when I first arrived.

Well, it was still a Tuesday so that meant Tuesday tradition – dinner and hygge at Kevin and Lauren’s! Burgers again. This time, there were pictures.


– Kevin can’t eat like an adult…ImageImage

– Prue: “Calum, I can’t understand a word you’re saying”



– Dinner = success

September 26th

[Insert typical complaint about Wednesdays here]

Some notes:

My group in my Entrepreneurship and Innovation class has been doing a lot of good work recently and we have to document it for our final presentation soooo I’m going to post them here to let everyone know that yes, I am taking real classes here! (Warning: It’s pretty boring.)

Our challenge is to solve issues concerning the chili production in Uganda. Their issues include: irrigation, cold transport and market access. This class is really throwing me out of my comfort zone, to be honest. I miss hard science.


– So our group name isn’t great. The chilies that the Ugandan farmers are trying to market are green and not realllly that spicy. Hence, the lame name. ImageImageImage

– Sorry Sus!ImageImage

– Akis gettin sassy as alwaysImageImageImageImageImageImage

– Look, I still include color in my wardrobe…sometimes. ImageImageImageImageImage

– We decided that coffee, cake and MANGE øl is necessary for good group work. So, naturally, we included it in our cost structure. #SoDanish.

Hopefully this entry hasn’t been too boring…

Hej hej!


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