First Fall Break/”School Work”

Let me start out by saying that I am the absolute worst at keeping this updated. My last update was from the end of September. SEPTEMBER. Good god. I would love to be able to say I’ve just been busy and buried in more important things…but I haven’t. I’ve been frolicking around Europe and having way too much fun. But I guess I can update now.

I went to Istanbul and Athens for my first fall break (October 12th-21st). It would take me entirely too long to update on that, but maybe someday I will. I wrote extensive notes each day I was there but I’ve decided I’ll just link to Kevin’s blog to save time (Thanks for being on top of your blog, Kevin). Also, my albums on Facebook are pretty extensive. I’ll also send my Dropbox to anyone who desires to look through all 1,000+ pictures I took on that trip…any takers?


Part 1

Part 2



I was able to catch up with my friends Hayley and JD from Westlake while I was in Athens, as you can see from the pictures in Kevin’s blog. It was really nice to see familiar faces from home, even if it was only for a few days.

Some of my favorite pictures from that trip:






After we got back from Athens, I went into full on panic mode regarding my classes. Block 1 was coming to a close so that meant I had to actually get on top of my school work and start studying for my finals. My Entrepreneurship and Innovation class required a final 20 minute business pitch, a 50+ business proposal, and a final oral exam. My Ethology course required a final 10+ paper about animal behaviour (yes, I did just spell that with a U) and a 4 hour final written exam. Shit. This workload quickly reminded me that I was in Copenhagen to study and learn…oops. I bet you’re all wondering what fascinating topic was the subject of my animal behaviour paper, right? Well, the title of it was “Analyzing the Imprinting and Mutual Recognition Methods Between Ewe and Lamb in Domestic Sheep”. Who wouldn’t want to read more?! Let’s just say I know more than I want to know about sheep and their imprinting methods. I won’t bore you with the rest of things I had to do for all of my classes but I will make a few comments about the Danish education system.

1. I really enjoy oral exams. They’re quick, painless, and you get your final grade right there. (I got a 7 in my Entrepreneurship class! Which translates to a B+ in American grades. Considering I absolutely HATED that class, I’m pretty happy. And it’s a good GPA cushion)
2. My ethology final was really unfair. It was open book AND open note. I hate tests like that. I don’t want to be a testing room for more than is necessary. Everyone showed up with every single article and slide printed out and the textbook, all highlighted and tagged. One of the questions on the exam was actually “In the article by blahblahblah, what was the point of the experiment?” ARE YOU SERIOUS? Let me just go find that article in the stack of articles I printed out…oh wait. I didn’t. Because I thought that was a waste of time. I mean I can get a perfect score on an exam too if you give me 4 hours with every single piece of paper we ever went over in class. I could have skipped every single lecture and still get a perfect score if I printed everything out like the other students did. Oh well. That class is over. Thank god. At least it made me realize that I never ever want to go into a field that deals with animal psychology…

Some pictures that week/other fun times from earlier in October:

Copenhagen City Walk:




Just in case we get taller on exchange?

“Abby was here” – Thanks Tal!

The best “Disapproving Calum” look:

Clayton’s “C” themed birthday party (we were all cats…)

Tuesday hygge dinner:


Well that’s enough for one update…only about 1.5 months left to write about! Hej hej


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