Halloween in Denmark and Fall Frolicking

The end of October in Denmark means colder weather, fall colors and, of course, Halloween.

Halloween in Denmark is getting bigger every year, but it’s still nothing compared to the Halloween back home in the states. And NOTHING compared to Halloween in Isla Vista (can I just say that I was extremely happy that I missed Halloween in IV this year?)

Lauren and I were “glam rockers” and only because I found metallic leggings at Føtex for 99kr. So great. Kevin was the Brawny paper towel man with a flannel from Episode that was only 120kr. Overall a successful Halloween.


November 2nd

The Friday of that week was the first Friday of November which means it was J-Dag! J-Dag is probably one of the most Danish holidays I’ve ever heard of. Just look at it here. Tuborg’s Christmas beer comes out at exactly 8:59pm and is distributed to bars and cafes around the city by elves dressed up in J-Dag blue. We missed all of the elves and the trucks but it was still fun to walk around the city with what I’m convinced was every single person who lives in Copenhagen.

November 4th

This day was the best day ever. EVER. We went up to Klampenborg to see the fox hunt at Dyrehaven (Deer Park)

Here’s a description of the “hunt”. It’s translated from Danish so it’s a little awkward.

About Hubertus Hunt

Hubertus hunt is a symbolic continuation of the old parforce-chasing,
as Deer Park was originally built for. Here was allowed to dogs dust
fox up, and nothing was predetermined. Today there are no dogs,
route is planned and fox replaced by two experienced riders with fox tails
on their red jackets.

On land, at sea and in the air

Hubertus hunt is about 11 kilometers long and one and a half hours.
Along the way, passing riders both built and natural obstacles,
which is inviting for the horse. The route goes through Ulvedalene and includes
jumps at Sand progressed and a walk through magazines pond.

Hubertusjagtens roles

All riders are dressed in bright red jackets with black collar and white shirt,
white breeches and white gloves – a special Danish tradition.
Hunting supreme authority is the ‘master’, which carry a high, stiff hat and
riding a piece after the two ‘fox’. The riders must not overtake the master,
which determines the rate of hunting. At the back of the field riding ‘Bagmasteren’, which ensure that all follow suit.

Hubertus hunt is different from the others with hunts by connecting with
a 800 meter long race. The fastest rider who passes the goal,
winner Hubertus hunt. Chase winner receives Prince Henrik Prize
by Eremitageslottet.

But basically, it was a day spent frolicking in the fall leaves with horses, puppies and great friends.


Having lived in Southern California for a majority of my life, I’ve missed out on seeing the leaves change into their fall colors. So, naturally, I got entirely too excited at Deer Park and took an excessive amount of pictures.

Almost done updating everything!  (Except not really)

Next post: Concerts in Copenhagen!


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