Concerts in Copenhagen

Since I arrived in Copenhagen in the beginning of August, real life has pretty much been put on hold. I am essentially living in a fairy tale, and I am entirely too lucky with the opportunities I’ve been given. November (besides that whole finals week thing in the beginning) was entirely too fun as I was able to go to 3 different concerts put on my some of my favorite artists ever.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver was the first one on November 4th at Forum (right after the Fox Hunt in Klampenborg. See my previous entry about that!)

I had already seen Bon Iver at Coachella in April but I will never ever pass up an opportunity to see my love Justin Vernon play again. His performance at Coachella was nothing short of a religious experience so I had high hopes for this one. He had almost the same set list as his Coachella one (he opened with Perth again. Still got chills with the opening note) but it was a completely different experience.


I loved everything about it. His albums are mostly quiet and calm, but he turns them into beating post-rock esque power songs. That and there are 9 artists on stage at a time. His shows are intense and really not what you would expect from listening to just the albums. I went with Lauren, Kevin, and Mirna and we even got into an Instagram picture taken by the band! (I circled us in blue).

My only disappointment was that they didn’t end with Wolves, as they did at Coachella. They did a really cool sing-a-long portion that honestly gives me chills just thinking about. Overall a fantastic concert though.

Picture of the stage:

Might as well post their Coachella performance that I mentioned for everyone’s viewing pleasure (may or may not have cried during Perth. Hint: I did):


The next day, (after my Entrepreneurship final…) I went to M83 at Amager Bio.

M83 also played at Coachella but they were during Explosions in the Sky so I missed them. (It’s a sore subject.) My friend Nick was going and convinced me to go pretty last minute so I bought my ticket at 4, asked the Copenhagen Music Facebook group if anyone else was going, found some more friends to go with, and headed out at 6:30. I wasn’t early enough to Bon Iver so we weren’t front row so I was determined to get to M83 early to attempt to get a good view of the stage. Apparently Copenhagen isn’t that big on M83 because I got there less than 45 minutes before the opener and I got front row standing…weird but I was able met up with a friend, Eline, from the music sharing group on Facebook (a fellow blogger!). (Link to her blog: The concert was GREAT. Their energy was infectious – even the infamously too-cool-to-dance-at-concerts Danes were dancing. Their set was entirely too short though. They didn’t even play Kim and Jessie…sad.

Here are some videos that Eline took – just look at how close we were!

Intro/Teen Angst

Midnight City:

Steve McQueen:

Swedish House Mafia

Finally, I went to Swedish House Mafia on the 26th at Forum with Greg, Martin, Phil, Henry, Daniel and a few of their other friends.

This was another pretty last minute decision. I saw that they were coming to Copenhagen a few months ago but I decided to not get a ticket because I had also seen them at Coachella (there’s a common theme here…). The Friday before the concert, Greg convinced me to get a ticket and I’m so happy I did. It was their last concert tour as they were breaking up as group and I was excited to see them in a little more of a “intimate” venue than the Main Stage at Coachella (same venue that I saw Bon Iver in a few weeks prior. So that was weird) The concert was so sick. That’s the only way I can describe it. Just ho-ly crap.

Some videos that I’m stealing from YouTube of the performance:


Don’t You Worry Child:

In My Mind:


Copenhagen, jeg elsker dig

Hej hej!


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