Winter Time in Denmark

It’s winter time in Copenhagen!

The beginning of December brought icy weather, more wind, below freezing temperatures, and this thing called “sleet” – as a Southern Californian, I’ve really only ever visited the snow in places like Mammoth for snowboarding and Maryland to see my dad. I’ve never had to actually deal with it on a daily basis and still be a functioning member of society. Not really a huge fan of having to wear multiple layers of pants. No room for activities.

Copenhagen sunset (at 3pm…)


Also, the Danes are apparently wimps when it comes to snow.

Snow and hygge!

December 8th

On Saturday the 8th, we had our Christmas dinner complete with DELICIOUS food, beautiful people, and a highly inappropriate Secret Santa exchange. The food was all made by a  group of extremely talented chefs and I don’t think I will ever have another meal as good as that one. I don’t really remember what all was included in this plate, but it was all ridiculously good. Just wow. WOW. Thank you Jack, Kitty, Stephen, Ria, Tal, and Omar!


Photo dump of food and friends:


It was also the first night of Hannukah so Tal lit a makeshift menorah.



More food and friends


Classic Tal


Then we opened our Secret Santa gifts. Let’s just say my friends are a bunch of disgraceful, despicable and highly inappropriate people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess I should probably include some sort of warning that the following pictures are inappropriate…sorry family.

ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage

Zach putting my gifts of a sweet Christmas tree hat and straw glasses to good useImageImage

Photo dump:

Greg got fake snow as part of his gift, so this happened


A sleepy and full MartinImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Lauren nuzzles >>>>>


Group photo!


Christmas/Trip posts coming soon! I can only update so much at a time.

Hej hej!


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